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Starcraft Betting: All Details

Beginners to orient themselves in the world of cybersport rates are often lost when they have to bet on StarCraft 2. To get the right experience and become a professional better, you need to know a few subtleties. Starcraft 2 is not a team game. There are only one player on each side. Therefore, the outcome of the match and the round depends solely on the state of health, the mood and experience of each individual gamer.

Why do We Need a Betting Strategy?

Careful analysis of game statistics will help determine the favorite. If the gamer performs fairly stable, it has a greater chance of success. If the player is good, but periodically drops out, here is a matter of luck. To assess how great the chances of winning a particular player can be by viewing several ratings. However, do not forget about the surprise factor: even an experienced gamer sometimes loses to weak opponents Unibet esports one of the most reliable betting sites that we recommend. And it's very easy to bet on your favorite game! Even a newbie can handle it!.

Tips for Begginer Players

The outcome of the match is also influenced by the prestige of the tournament. It often happens that a player breaks under pressure and loses. At the final stages of major competitions, victory is often left for an experienced player and a good psychologist who can keep cool regardless of the situation.

Today's review is devoted, in a way, to the leaders of e-sports betting (as far as this word is generally applicable to such a young industry). Those who remained faithful to the immortal game StarCraft II, which has lost much, it is necessary to admit, its relevance, but still, having millions of fans around the world who have not switched to more popular, to date, games like Dota 2. Well or successfully they are combined, which is also not bad.

Let's look at how to bet on StarCraft II and what kind of bookmakers are working with this, without exaggeration, a wonderful game that has been successfully operating and developing for many years, and play it not only on home computers, but also on fairly large cyber-tournaments . Let's start.<.p>

Description of Starcraft

How to Setup an online Gambling Account

I am sure that not all our readers know about this game, or, more likely, heard about it, but did not specifically understand the specifics. In order to fill this gap, we first consider a brief description of the game and its essence. StarCraft II - the continuation of the legendary line of games, which has several parts, to be precise, then three:

  • StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
  • StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

And the most relevant at this time part of StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void The game is a real-time strategy and supports several game modes: a campaign with a lot of missions and an exciting storyline, as well as a multi-user mode where you can perform tasks in a collaboration with other players, together performing tasks and managing the database (Archon Mode "), Or fight them for the title of the best gamer.

Which Games to Choose

The game features three races: terrans, zerg and protoss. Each of them has its own characteristics and specific features. The developers competently approached the distribution of forces, making it so that radically different races with unique abilities on the battlefield are almost equal. And which of the parties will prevail depends only on who controls them. The game balance is decorated and sustained at the highest level.


StarCraft quickly became an e-sports discipline, competitions on it are especially popular in the countries of Asia, in particular - South Korea. However, they are not limited to the e-sports community of this game. In StarCraft II, cybersportsmen from all over the world play with pleasure. Similarly, bettors from all over the world actively earn money by betting on their matches. About this we, of course, talk in more detail.


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Betting on StarCraft II

At once it is necessary to say that the significantly reduced relevance of the game is manifested, first of all, in the number of bookmakers working with it, as well as championships included in their line.

In general, we can say, despite the fact that Strakraft is not a private guest in the lines of bookmakers, it's possible to make profit on it, and without much effort. In many respects this is due to a wide painting. Given that this game is on the e-sports space for many years, its fans probably know all the features of the game, the scenarios for which the games are held and much more.

This allows you to collect express from even one match, indicating not only its winner, but also the odds with the total. I am sure that if you are a fan of this game, it will not be very difficult. So try, knowledge about the game, which accumulated for several years, is quite simple to transform into profit. You just need to try.