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There is a lot in the world of games that somehow play the gameplay to all the famous Dot. But there were no more online games, realizing in this respect the Gods of almost all the mythologies of our planet.

Online game SMITE - this is a new MOBA game in the style of Dota, which gives you the opportunity to play for the God of the Sun Ra or Zeus the Thunderer, or at all for the Indian Goddess of Destruction Kali. The list is very serious and has in its arsenal many more Gods who are eager to enter the battlefield SMITE.

Smite Game Process

During the testing the game got a lot of fans and is preparing to become a direct competitor to the progenitors of the genre - Dota 2 and League of Legends.

The standard gameplay does not surprise at all the hardcore fans of the genre. Three roads connecting two enemy bases, towers guarding the roads from enemies and a constant stream of small creatures, which without the help of heroes I can not go any further than to the middle of the path.

Your task is to help the "creeps" destroy the enemy minotaur, which is located on the enemy tower, while trying to protect their own. Standard gameplay is diluted with various game modes, which, as the developers promise, will be constantly updated and updated.

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But to say that the online game SMITE is a copy of Dota, it's nothing to say. The Divine Dota has a number of its features. First of all, these are the living Gods, which in DotA is not present.

In the second, this lack of ability to combine things and recipes into one super-mega-art, it is enough to collect money and buy it yourself, while it can be upgraded for all the same money. Each art has several levels of pumping, each of which increases bonuses to your hero.

Each character-God has his unique abilities, which can be improved in the course of the battle. Only four skills, five levels of pumping each. Conditionally heroes are divided into several classes. So, for example, Imir from Scandinavian mythology, thanks to the number of his lives, plays the role of a tank, and Kali is a typical keri of close combat, when Artemis the hunter likes to stay at long distances.

Description of SMITE

All who have ever heard of this genre, probably know the starting position and the basis of all mechanics. There are two bases and three paths laid between them, along which your creep soldiers walk, in the woods there live neutral monsters, due to which you can podfarmitsya, and, finally, there are five heroes on each side, who strenuously try to reach enemy base.

But further Smite changes some genre frames and surprises even the avid fan of MOBA. The main thing is that the game camera is fixed to the shoulder of your alter-ego, like in some third-person shooter, and you have to control the hero accordingly WASD'om, and not random clicks of the mouse. This generates at least one interesting detail - you can not control what happens on other lines, and only by signals on the mini-map you can understand how things are with your colleagues.

Another part that comes from flirting with the genre genre is the need to aim. In spite of the fact that we are not allowed to move the sight up and down, we still need to hit some enemies, so now the owner of a high level and Uber-equipment can not always unambiguously destroy an opponent as quickly as it happens in other similar games.


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SMITE: Tips and Strategies

In the rest of the mechanics, SMITE most closely resembles the League of Legends - here, for example, for killing enemies and neutral creeps, you can get a buff directly in LoL. In general, the game is several times less hardcore than other representatives of the genre - in Smite there is also a fat huge tutorial with bots, and a caring assistant in the store, and the lack of many mechanics like killing their own "creeps". Beginners should be pleased, all who are tired of the cybersport of the same Dota - too.

It's nice that in addition to the classic version of the fight, Smite also shipped several additional game modes. All in all there are six, but the most interesting, probably, is to call Match of the Day - here the conditions constantly change, then everyone runs the same heroes, they give an almost infinite supply of gold, and even allow to use absolutely any characters to choose from. Interestingly incidentally, all the characters are gods of different mythologies, so you can quite see here how any Zeus puts an even stream of lightning in the Scandinavian wolf Fenrir or Poseidon laps Osiris. It looks like this, thanks to Unreal Engine 3, pretty nice, and most importantly - absolutely undemanding to your hardware. Virtually on any more or less modern system Smite produces a stable 60 frames per second.