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Best Overwatch Betting Sites 2018

Multiplayer game Overwatch - one of the novelties in the field of gambling. Bets on Overwatch are accepted in most leading bookmakers, along with other e-sports disciplines.

Each player chooses a unique character. All heroes have their own history, skills, abilities and capabilities. A character can be either conditionally good or bad.

Rules of the Overwatch game

In accordance with the skills, all the characters are divided into four categories. Defense. Characters of this group have the necessary abilities to hold the main points, organize defense on the path of the opposing team. On many maps there are narrow passages, where the characteristics of the "defender" will be very much in demand. Offence (assault). The task of the character as quickly as possible to penetrate to the goal and destroy it. The hero of this group has excellent mobility, the ability to deal increased damage, and so on. Tank (tank). Strengthened armor halves the damage taken.During the test studies it was found out that the most effective group is a group of six people. In such groups, players can not only work in full computation, but also allow themselves to spend one or two rounds of "warming up" without risking losing the entire fight.

What to Bet on Overwatch

How to Setup an online Gambling Account

There are two groups of rates for the overclocking: standard and advanced. The first group is what every bookmaker offers:

  • The result of the round or match.
  • The result of the tournament.
  • The effectiveness of the team or an individual player.

A more detailed list is offered by cyber bookmakers. Here you can bet on various events occurring within the game in the process of achieving the main goal.

Every year in the world on this e-sports discipline there are several hundred big and small tournaments. The largest of them are Season World Championship, OnGameNet TheChampions, WGC. The size of the standard prize fund - from 200 thousand dollars, in international competitions can reach several million.

Bonuses for Bets on Overwatch

Below we present a list of the most interesting promotions from the best bookmakers who take bets on an overwatch. In the same way, from the bottom we offer additional information about the peculiarities of betting on this game.

The motto of the game is "all are equal". Zero donate, zero pumping, zero customization. And this is a definite plus. Despite the cumbersome, at first glance, interface and graphics, the game is intuitive and simple, newcomers are very quickly mastered. Maps can be divided into several groups, objectives: escort, point capture, object control, tracking and capture points, and arenas.

The game marks all sorts of triple murders, all series of murders and all useful actions - encouraging them. Any contribution to victory over each opponent is considered, even if you take down 1 HP - you helped, which means it should be noted. Even the defeated players can get the best moment of the match and be awarded a mention in the list of top players. And Overwatch is always ready to show your personal best moment for the fight.


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Helpful Tips

It's worth saying that Overwatch is slowly but steadily gaining its audience, and in January this year, according to Blizzard, the number of players has reached 25 million people. The only drawback, relative to other online games, is that the game is paid - to buy it costs 2000 rubles, and this stops many. However, this fact has the reverse side of the medal, which contributes to the development of the community. Free games suffer from a lot of toxic personalities. By default, the person who paid such a sum is unlikely to give off senseless aggression.

The main advice that you can give both beginners and amateurs - be as informed as possible. If there was a replacement for the player or another change in the team, you should be the first to know about it.

There are several other tips, following which you will improve your statistics on winnings:

  • Carefully study the rules of the specific tournament. This is the most important aspect of the whole game.
  • Specify on which server the game is playing. If the match involves teams from different regions, a hitch for a split second may cost a win in the match.
  • Analyze how important this match is for the selected team. If he does not affect its position in the standings, the team can use it as a training ground, try new strategies, play without leading athletes.
  • Evaluate the level of the tournament itself. In insignificant and regional meetings, teams often play the "second composition".
  • If the game takes place offline in the public, the teams can behave quite differently than online - there is a factor of confusion. In this case, you need to pay attention to the experience of the team.
  • It is also very important to be impartial. If you are a fan of any team, you can assume that it plays better than it does in reality. In that case, you will lose with the team, so be objective.