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League of Legends Betting Sites 2018

In recent years, betting on LoL has increasingly attracted the attention of betters and bookmakers. This is not surprising: in duels held in virtual arenas, tens of thousands of professional players from all over the world are fighting, and the prize pools of major international tournaments reach tens of millions of dollars. League of Legends - one of the most promising disciplines of the past few years. Create your bet by selecting one or several outcomes, click any of the "Make a bet" buttons on thunderpick esports betting !

At the beginning of the battle, teams are located on opposite sides of the card in the spawning pools near the so-called nexus. To win, you must destroy the nexus of the opposing team.

Rules of the game League of Legends

To destroy the nexus, the team must reach the enemy base. The path of the team is blocked by a series of attacking towers, the road along which is called the line. Along the way, each player gains experience points and earns new levels, eliminating the champions and minions of the opposing team and defeating neutral monsters. Performing tasks, players receive awards in the form of gold, which is used to purchase game items. With the help of such items you can increase the characteristics of champions.

Information about the game and championships

How to Setup an online Gambling Account

League of Legends is among the most popular multiplayer games published in the genre MOBA. The match involves two teams, five players each. Everyone chooses his hero, who will fight in the virtual arena. There are no two identical characters in the game, everyone has their own skills, abilities, features and capabilities. This allows you to develop many variations of victorious tactics.

The goal of the match is to destroy the base of the opposing team. Intermediate goals - to destroy the enemy players. Interestingly, for all the years of the existence of the League of Legends, it registered about 30 million users, two-thirds of which regularly go online.

Every year in the world on this e-sports discipline there are several hundred big and small tournaments. The largest of them are Season World Championship, OnGameNet TheChampions, WGC. The size of the standard prize fund - from 200 thousand dollars, in international competitions can reach several million.

What Happened with the Opportunity to Bet on the League of Legends for Money?

The bank's percentage is flat. We choose a certain percentage of the bank, optimally at 5%, and always set 5% of the current bank. The bets win - the pot increases, the rate increases (but remains equal to 5% of the bank). Plus tactics: with a series of victories your bank is growing rapidly, and in the case of a series of defeats, it does not sink so much.

By itself, the bookmakers decided not to leave such a tidbit of their business and quickly began to accept bets on the main events in the world League of Legends. This allowed the fans of e-sports to decently earn, just watching the virtuosic play of their pets. At present, almost all of the LoL tournaments can be wagered in dozens of bureaus. But how to choose the best among them?


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What Else do you Need to Know about Betting on Duels in the League of Legends?

As with other events, a variety of bet types are accepted for LoL tournaments. Here are the most popular of them:

  • which team will win in the tournament
  • who will become the MVP (the most useful player) of the tournament or a separate match
  • with which score will end this or that match

In addition, for some meetings, bookmakers, including William Hill, give an opportunity to bet with odds and totals, and also accept bets in live mode.

Bet on LoL: the best teams and players

When studying the principles of rates on LoL, it is important to take into consideration that many of the best teams and players are in Korea. At the time of writing this article, the title of the best team in the world is SK Telecom T1. This team also includes the best player in the world, who acts under the pseudonym Faker. Over the past five years, his strongest opponent was Smeb, but nobody can overthrow Faker from the pedestal yet.

The best team in North America is TSM, and Europe dominates G2, but they are not as strong as the teams from Korea. According to some, the best non-Korean player is Bjergsen - a Danish from the TSM team. Technical skills allow him to compete with any player in the world, but to achieve the level of a titan like Faker, he needs to masterfully use versatile champions.

The principles of placing bets on League of Legends are similar to the principles of placing bets on Dota 2 and Smite. The most popular are the bets on the outcome of the battle, which are also called "money line" rates. The proposed coefficients reflect the supposed level of teams based on information about their recent victories and defeats. It's very simple: if the team you are betting on wins, your bet wins.