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Dota 2 Betting: Full Review

The moral is simple - no matter how good you are in betting, no matter how well you feel the game, the lost stakes will always be. At first, psychological defense mechanisms work in my head, "why did they take these heroes", "they were stronger than a stupid mistake", "it is 322" and so on, however, sober looking at things - the choice was made, the choice was wrong. Using a betting strategy, you know how to proceed before determining the outcome of a bet, and one, two, a series of lost bets can not get you out of the loop. In sports, and e-sports in particular, there are a lot of strategies, from my experience enough 55-60% winrate, to go to a confident plus at a distance. One of the most popular betting sites in the USA Betonline esports offers to make bets on all the most popular games!

Why do We Need a Betting Strategy?

The key mistake of the newcomers is the banal greed, why should I make a series of bets in a month, in order to raise my bank by 50%, when you can wait one or two bets, put everything on these matches and immediately increase your bank in 2-3 times. Unfortunately, this does not work, I checked wink, you can win one, two, five bets, but in the end, you lose everything, betting strategies help me to make steady money at a distance.

The Best Betting Strategy in eSports

If you have been looking for a better strategy for a long time, I hasten to please you - it's not there. Each player has his own method of betting, but in general, these are all variations of two basic strategies: flat and dagon (martingale). Of course, in sport many more betting systems have already been tested, but they are either not applicable in e-sports, or they require coefficients more than three, which in dosota practically does not exist.

The Flat technique is often used as a basis. The essence of the strategy is simple - you need to make the same rates regardless of the bank and the coefficients. In a standard form, the flat has two variations: a fixed rate and a percentage of the bank.

Strategy Flat

Dota 2 esports Betting

Fixed rate flat. You determine the part of your bank, usually up to 10% and regardless of whether you lost or won the bet, you make the same bets. For example, if your bank is $ 50, you choose a bet of $ 5 and put $ 5 on all events, regardless of the current bank size. The plus is the absence of risk of large losses and stability. A downside is the low profitability at a distance.

The bank's percentage is flat. We choose a certain percentage of the bank, optimally at 5%, and always set 5% of the current bank. The bets win - the pot increases, the rate increases (but remains equal to 5% of the bank). Plus tactics: with a series of victories your bank is growing rapidly, and in the case of a series of defeats, it does not sink so much.

Why you need to choose Dota 2 ?

Popularization of e-sports directly can be associated with increased interest in dota 2 betting sites. According to statistics, this game is more than half of all predictions for e-sports. Naturally, there are many other online platforms, but with "Dotoy 2" hardly any of them will be able to argue.

The rates for this game are today accepted in every authoritative bookmaker office. In this case it is worth noting always good coefficients. To guess the winner of the confrontation is far from easy, let alone the forecasts for the winner of the whole competition. Sometimes the rating of the teams participating in the tournament comes to the rescue cappers, but it does not always correctly reflect the current alignment of forces. At any time, one of the gamers can go on a recession, and then the whole team will follow. That is why when analyzing the possibilities of rivals, it is important to predict whether all the team members will be in uniform or possible unpleasant surprises, failures.


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Each participant of the tournament has his own performance indicators. Some of them are reflected in the general rating, and the rest are hidden from simple eyes, so the task of the forecaster is also to find the missing links in the analysis chain. For this it is recommended to view the last few matches of the team. This will help to determine how each of its members acts in a particular situation, reacts to force majeure, who is more likely to give up nerves, who takes the lead in cold blood, etc.

In the confrontation of explicit favorites and outsiders, do not need to bet on the latter. In e-sports, such a betting strategy is meaningless. In pursuit of large coefficients, you can lose a lot of money. The fact is that the favorites in Dota 2 differs from outsiders not only teamwork and the speed of gamers, but also the pumping of heroes. With victories for the characters comes experience, which makes them stronger, more enduring and faster. While outsiders have not been so well pumped, so the chances of winning from them are a priori insignificant.