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Why should you start betting on eSports right now? Have you heard so much about e-sports, but still do not make money on it? On this site you finally can find out what is the advantage of rates on the cybers port and what portals should be trusted.

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To make it more clear, I will draw parallels in football. Do you remember your feelings when you look at some dull spectacle, like the match of the middle peasants of the Italian series A? And when "burning TB" in the same match?) That's not all the matches interesting in cyber sport disciplines, but about 50% of the audience is going to them, only to cheer for their bets.

For example, I, on The International 6, under the review I used the command DC (Digital Chaos) starting with 2nd or 3rd of their card in the playoffs. Tournament of this scale by Dot'e is interesting in itself, and even when you support some team in terms of rates - then you are waiting for their games with impatience.

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Here I will not open America, but I will briefly try to summarize my thoughts on the profitability of rates on e-sports, regarding rates for traditional traditional sports. E-sports is a new phenomenon in both the industry and bookmakers. Obviously, there is a certain game ahead of the player and the bookmaker: who will quickly learn to accurately assess the probability of upcoming events - the one with money. Incorrect lines, strange movements of kefs, inexperienced Livers leading games - all this is, it only needs to be found. For those who like to look for vamps in the lines - the field for work here is almost untouched. And right away, until I forgot, the next point that has a direct relationship to this.

Live betting

Stressful situations, where you need to make quick decisions, for some reason always cause in beginning players excitement, and gold mountains of dough on the whole. In fact, everything is naturally not so. But according to e-sports, profitability of live betting is quite obvious, and it follows from the previous sub-point - the algorithms of the programs' actions (well, or people) of the leading game in live are not yet perfected, and here you can quite get an advantage.

A trivial example from CS: GO. Take two equal teams, the cents are conditionally 1.9. The first team wins the pistol, the score is 1-0, the odds 1.8 - 2.0. Then there are two economic rounds from the second team (force buy + full eco usually), and if they lose the score it becomes 3-0, and the odds will be about 1.6 by 2.4. The probability of losing the economic round is extremely high. There are two extremes, why not immediately after the 1st round of 1.6 1.6 on 2.4, or after two economic do not leave at least 1.7 to 2.2. The example is taken from the air, from memory, but I think I'm not far from the truth.


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Navigating Online eSports Betting Worldwide

On large LAN-tournaments it is impossible to meet games of a contractual nature. Firstly, it is unprofitable for anyone, since large enough prize money is being played at such competitions. Teams and players have much more motivation to earn honestly than to put a conditional $ 500-1000 against themselves. An inconspicuous big bet can not be made. Secondly, reputation plays an important role. If the player is caught in the delivery of the game on a large LAN tournament, then this is the 100% end of the career. Third, the system of conduct is of great importance. Quite often in tournaments, rivals are determined for a fight 15 or 30 minutes before the start of the game. As I have repeatedly said, by today a fairly large number of thematic websites with statistics, news, broadcasts and other useful information have appeared. Here everything is like in real sports, there are practically no differences. If necessary, then write in the comments whether I need to prepare a list of all useful sites. In future articles I will try to help.

Also, the holding system can be such that all players / teams have a tournament motivation up to the last match. I honestly do not remember which tournaments the classic group stage is still used in, for example, in the Football Champions League, when the team after four or five defeats goes to the sixth match without motivation. In e-sports competitions the most often used is another group stage.

Why Bet Online?

As for the cheaters, then it's much easier. As a rule, at large tournaments computers provide organizers with all the necessary games and software. It's impossible to connect a flash drive unnoticed, since the players are closely watched by administrators and judges. In addition, if the game takes place on the stage, then the monitor of each player is shown to the spectators on the other side with everything happening on the screen. A small number of disciplines

  • Bookmakers are not very versed in e-sports;
  • There is a lot of information;
  • Absence of contract games and cheaters at the highest level;
  • Free broadcasts of most tournaments;
  • A small number of e-sports games, which can be betted;

All playable cybersport disciplines in terms of rates can be counted on the fingers: Dota 2, CS: GO, SC2 and LoL. These games are the oldest and most popular cyber sports disciplines. These games are the most large-scale tournaments with huge prize pools, the most thematic and statistical sites in these disciplines, the players and teams performing in these disciplines are the richest and most media personalities on the cybersport scene.

The Difficulty of Mastering

The remaining disciplines, namely HS, Hots, Quake and Overwatch are still damp. Agree, it would be sad if bets on traditional sports would be accepted only on football, hockey, basketball and volleyball.

The complexity of mastering some of the disciplines I previously touched on in one of the articles. Then I talked a little about Dota 2 and its specifics of unique characters, objects and monsters. They are quite a large number and will take a long time to get acquainted. To complex disciplines, you can also include StarCraft 2. In order to learn strategies, tactics (builds) and the actions of pro-players will also take a lot of time.

It's not difficult to guess that the majority of players performing at a professional level are young people with all the consequences. As in any other sphere, young boys and girls may not always be stable in behavior and training. Fortunately, in recent years, this situation has begun to improve. Players sign contracts, within which various penalties are provided.

Coaches and managers closely monitor their teams so that they do not fall into some scandal, some teams even hire psychologists who monitor the psychological state of their wards.